e-dubble: man, myth, legend


Evan Wallace was a hip hop artist based out of Philadelphia and better known to his fans as E-DUBBLE, or the Two Tone Rebel, and was the founder of Black Paisley Records. E-DUB was 6'10" and according to Baltimore Magazine, he was "going big, and it’s not just his sneakers and gear."  E-DUBBLE's YouTube channel amassed over 110 million views, and what could soon be exceeding a half million subscribers.  Evan's music streaming numbers are even higher.  He is reaching a world-wide audience and his motivational and thought provoking songs have changed the lives of millions of his listeners for the better.

Evan Wallace passed away on February 13th, 2017, at just 34 years old.  We will all grieve for his loss but in his own words from his song Klischko, Evan is "still a Wallace in the after life...music lives on, never gone, no half life".  Evan's musical gifts and his lust for life was shared with everyone who got a chance to meet and/or listen to him.

Evan's cousin Tommy has been on the E-DUBBLE bandwagon since they were just little kids, and he will remain your contact for all things fan related.  He will continue selling the E-DUBBLE and Black Paisley merchandise, and is working with Evan's family and Evan's past production teams to finalize at least enough unreleased material for a final E-DUBBLE album, "TTR2".  There is no set production schedule for this, but all fans can rest assured that it is in the works.

E-DUBBLE, Lewis the dog, Tommy, and all those near and dear to Evan and the Black Paisley team all appreciate your continued support!